List- an excerpt from Boxes and Arrows

I am curious about lists. I make them and when necessary, I break the rules of a list. I will just start another one! I like seeing other people's lists, it is kind of like making a little discovery. If you've got a list that works for you- do share! I've highlighted my favs on this list. Here's one from an IT designer:
mantra box—in 2005:
He who owns little is little owned
Smaller, smaller
Do only what you love, love everything that you do
Underpromise, overdeliver
Embrace constraints
Business is personal—not an abstraction
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
Honor your mistake as a hidden intention
Disrupt business as usual
Convert talent into code
Yes or no?
Eat like a bird, sh*t like an elephant
Axis thinking
Style—happiness—emotional appeal
Disorganize (for renewal and innovation)
As simple as possible, but not simpler
Nobody knows what they really want before they get it
-Jorge Arango