Neutral is Natural

I am dragging out this old saw because it's that time of year. All real estate agents can agree on one thing-just one. White, cream, antique white or any variation thereof, is critical to the sale of your home. Realtors all have had at least one challenge like a magenta accent wall, an all pink bathroom, a multi-layered wallpaper theme room or navy carpeted halls. We have unique rooms in our homes too, we get it. But now it is time to think about the prospective buyers.

Do yourself a favor, when the Realtor mentions a switch to neutral tones- believe him or her. Believe like you believe in sunrises, like leaves do fall from trees or like Favre will break one more record. Change whatever needs changing, if you can. What may cost you X, I would multiply by 3 on the negative side of an offer. In fact, if buyers instruct the showing agent to keep looking, it cost you a lot more than $1k or even $3k, didn't it? Why? Buyers have a lot of properties to look at these days and Sellers cannot afford to miss one single opportunity to sell their house. A paneled accent wall might not go with their furniture, the golf room may not do it for a water skier and navy flooring will certainly show Fluffy's white hair. Go neutral on everything and give your house every chance possible. Go neutral and increase your odds of the buyers saying "let's write it up!"; then you get to do a cartwheel and yell, "Score!".