Ready... Aim...

Checking out the housing market can be a gas and also a little hectic without a plan. I always like to give buyers a little primer before striking out on the big adventure. Here are some quick tips:
1) Understand buyer's agency (agent represents the buyer). More to come on this subject, but let me say, it is the only way to buy a house. Short version-we're wearing the same color uniform!
2) Get pre-qualified through your lending institution. Know how much $ you've got to work with.
3) Narrow the opinion pool- If your folks, significant other or sister get to weigh in on the decision, have a plan. I like to have parents come to the final two choices for potential offers. If your beloved has a bedroom set that requires a 16'x18' bedroom-good to know! Streamlining parameters will save time and gas. Again, whoever is a stakeholder in the decision- get them on board right away and present for all showings. That eliminates 2nd showings as we zero in on the target.
4) Take notes and a bring a digital camera. Easier on the memory for later evaluations.
5) When you visit open houses, sign in as a courtesy and let the Realtor know you have representation. Better yet, hand them your Realtor's business card. This short circuits any possible confusion about your representation status as a buyer.
6) Wear slip on shoes! Great time saver and allows for bootie avoidance!
Call me when you're ready to rock and roll. Class over, now get out there and have a great day!