Right this Second! Big or Small

What is the next step after decision? Yes!-Action, you are very smart! This is the natural follow-up to every decision you make in life. I need to remind myself of this hourly, no kidding. Lists are a great start for taking action. Lists are a vehicle for taking your stream of conscious genius idea and handing it to the implementer in your life. Who is your implementer, You? Yes again! You are one sheet of paper closer to transforming yourself from Don Quixote into Action Missy or Action Man! Get it on paper and revise it, save steps, add steps, save steps-pat yourself on the back. Enjoy doing your task and thank yourself for getting it done (lots of strutting here). The sooner you finish your task, the quicker you get to go back to being Don Quixote! Now get out there and have a great day!